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A girl who’s not properly put-together, wearing the wrong outfit to the wrong date, fumbling with her accessories, and not paying attention to the man beside her.

Read on to avoid the biggest purse pairing no-nos when it comes to your outfit, and learn how to use your bag to your advantage when it comes to dating.

offers the world's most reliable Central Brazil surf reports with a surf report model and surf cam network that gives the surfer a precise reading on what the waves are doing at the best Central Brazil surf spots.), but research indicates that men prefer women with an appropriately colored pair on dates.Also, think about what guys find sexy – a girl who is attractive, confident, classy, and together.So, make sure you pack some gum or Altoids in your bag — and consider choosing anything that’s flavored with peppermint for an added bonus.Here are 10 of the most common dates, each with their own purse-marching hack.

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